Annual Meeting 2019

Client & Project

The Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation (CLAF) is a 501(c)(3) affiliate organization that seeks to enrich the Chicago Loop’s public spaces through artistic expression and free cultural programming.

CLAF Annual Meeting 2019

Attended by more than 300 business and community leaders each year, CLAF’s Annual Meeting provides members and guests with the opportunity to learn about the latest trends impacting the Chicago Loop, the official downtown of the city. It also serves as the platform for announcing the organization’s upcoming programs and events. The 2019 event focused on the need to design a downtown experience for women as they make 80 percent of retail and residential decisions. We developed a digital marketing plan to engage the audience.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing was a key component in marketing the Annual Meeting during the event and leading up to it.

Attendee taking a photo of a book the CLA Annual Meeting 2019 for social media

Editorial content, social media, and email marketing were all part of the promotional mix. On the day of the event, we incited real-time social media engagement on Twitter with #inTheLoopChi, helping CLAF amplify its narrative and strengthen its social media presence through user-generated content.


Networking at CLAF's Annual Meeting

  • Over 350 attendees
  • 11.5K social impressions and 200 engagement
  • 40.25% average email open rate and 15% average click-through rate
  • 1.7K pageviews
  • 50 user-generated content 28 new followers
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