Chicago Loop 2018

Client & Project

Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA) is a membership-based organization that creates, manages and promotes high-performing urban experiences to attract people and investment to the Loop, the city's official downtown.

Cloud Gate in summer - Chicago Loop

The Chicago Loop was promoted as a destination through strategic content marketing, showcasing its unique amenities to attract and engage visitors, workers, and residents. By collaborating with CLA member organizations and the business community at large, we amplified why the Loop is a world-class downtown.

New Website

Responsive by design, the new website offers a comprehensive guide to the Chicago Loop for both locals and visitors.

Chicago Loop Alliance website

CLA’s new website has a look that matches the beauty and charm of the Chicago Loop. Beyond aesthetics, it is color-coded to help navigate between business-facing and consumer-facing content. It’s responsive (duuuh!). And it has comprehensive information that guides people through the unique experiences the Loop has to offer.

Social Media Marketing

We leveraged social media to drive website traffic and tell authentic stories, inciting meaningful conversations, while expanding the reach of the CLA brand.

Kayaking on the Chicago River - Chicago LoopRepresenting the seventh most attractive business district in the world on social media came with a bit of pressure. There are lots to do. Lots see. And of course, lots to talk about. Thanks to analytics, we created data-driven content, building a compelling narrative about both the Loop and CLA.

Email Marketing

They say "the money is in the list." And we build the list.

CLA's In the Loop consumer-facing e-newsletter

We used email marketing as another major web traffic conduit. With over 40K subscribers, it evolved into an avenue we use to tell insider stories about the Loop. The results speak for themselves. See below.


Tourists at Cloud Gate

  • 772K pageviews and 441K sessions with 1:30 sessions
  • 27% increase in social media followers
  • 4.4M impressions, 490K engagement, and 32K followers
  • 19% average open rate and 12% click-through rate for email marketing
    • Context: the industry average is 14.05% open rate and 6.61% click-through rate
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