GSU Jaguars

Client & Project

GSU Jaguars is the athletics team of Governors State University with seven sports teams at the time of this project.

Jalen Miller driving to the hole at GSU Jaguars

Because the GSU athletics program was just in its second year, raising awareness and excitement about its sports teams—basketball, golf, cross country, and volleyball—amongst the community, promoting institutional pride, and increasing game-day turnouts were the primary goals. Easier said than done! Digital marketing, print ads, and below-the-line promotions were all part of the mix.

GSU golf player swinging

By working closely with Student Life, Student Housing, the coaching staff, and the student paper, we told individual and team stories through sports articles and social media. We shed light on what it means to be a student-athlete at GSU, highlighting the overlooked, yet unwavering commitment and hard work of each player to succeed both on the playing field and in the classroom. Not only were we able to raise awareness and create excitement, but we also attracted other student-athletes, who wanted to join the teams.

GSU Jaguars women's cross country team in action


A new athletics program in a small-town university was able to reach millions of people across the globe through targeted social media marketing. See the results below.

Coach Anthony Bates cuts the basketball net after winning the CCAC championship

  • Generated 12 leads (new recruits) through social media
  • Grew social media audience from 635 to 1,099
  • Developed an athletics narrative for GSU
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