Here, You Are.

Client & Project

Governors State University (GSU) is a four-year university in Illinois that champions openness, innovation, and flexibility in a student's journey towards achieving both academic and career success.

A student in a physical therapy clinical class - Rebranding GSU

GSU was grappling with an identity crisis. Despite multiple branding efforts in the past, the university wasn’t able to understand and communicate its essence. The main problem with previous messages is that they weren’t authentic and distinct enough to cut through the noise. As a result, students didn’t truly understand why they chose GSU and why it’s different from other institutions, as were prospective students. Staff and faculty weren’t able to articulate the purpose of GSU to its different audience segments. After days of research and brainstorming, we refreshed the brand.



"Here, you are." was our foundation for telling the unique stories of the GSU community.

Students in art class at GSU - Here, you are.

We conveyed that stakeholders of the university are so much more than a student. A professor. An administrator. The new strategy recognized them as individuals with unique strengths and ideas. We reassured them that they deserve a university like GSU that fits their true selves. This led us to tell authentic stories across our marketing platforms.

Highlighting Diversity

Our storytelling shed a bright light on the diversity of GSU, a university that prides itself for making globally-competitive students.

GSU Diversity - Here, You Are

Simple, yet powerful close-up portraits of students from different backgrounds were used on billboards, website, email marketing, and social media with a simple message — “Here, you are.”


Students in a filmmaking class at GSU - Rebranding GSU

  • Created a sense of community and shared identity for the GSU community
  • Refreshed the GSU brand with an authentic, yet distinct voice
  • Created brand positioning statements for its audience segments
  • Developed a brand toolkit with a guide for visual, editorial and digital content
  • Produced powerful imageries and videos that unveiled GSU’s stories
  • Broader relevance globally with a focus on the university’s diversity
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