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Selam Ethiopian Kitchen is a family-owned, Chicago-based restaurant serving locally sourced, organic ingredients.

A screenshot of Selam Ethiopian Kitchen's website

After expanding from a small store to full-blown restaurant, Selam Ethiopian Kitchen was struggling to catch traction. People didn’t know about the new restaurant, the sales were sluggish, and it didn’t have an identity. As part of my marketing plan to help Selam revive its sales, we created a new, responsive website.

New Website

Based on the brand narrative, I developed a new responsive website and created all the web content including the photographs and videos.

Selam and Solomon - Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

Search engine optimized, the new website tells the story of Selam Ethiopian Kitchen, the owners, and the food, conveying a cohesive brand narrative. It contains powerful imageries to work up an impulsive appetite. Customers can make reservations and order delivery online, see upcoming events as well as deals, and read insider stories through the blog.

Videos for Social



Vegan Combo at Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

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